Kurds – Religion and Expressive Culture

Kurds - Religion and Expressive CultureReligious Beliefs. Islam spread among the Kurds in the seventh and eighth centuries. Many Muslim rites and beliefs coexisted with pre-Islamic cults associated with lakes, stones, graves, trees, fire, and an ancestor cult. Among the Muslim Kurds reverance toward pirs (holy places) was widespread. Three types of these were distinguished.... Continue Reading →

Awliya, Peer-o-Murshid, Waseelah

Awliya, Peer-o-Murshid, Waseelah by G.A. Parwez translated by A.S.K Joommal From the point of view of the Quran, the ultimate objective of a Mu’min’s life is the guarding of permanent values. When, however, there is a tie (or a clash) between the permanent values and his personal inclinations or interests, then he sacrifices his personal... Continue Reading →

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