Allahu the creator – part 1

Allahu the creator

La ilaha Illallah

Quotes from AL QURAN:

O Muhammad, say: “Travel through the earth and see what was the end of those  who denied the truth.”[11] Ask them: “To whom belongs all that is in the heavens and in the earth?” If they don’t respond, tell them: “To Allah!” He has decreed mercy for Himself, that is why He does not punish you for your misdeeds right away. He will certainly gather you all together on the Day of Resurrection; there is no doubt about it. Yet those who have lost their souls will not believe.[12] To Him belongs all that takes rest in the night and in the day. He is the Hearer, the Knower.[13] Say: “Should I take as my protector anyone other than Allah, who is the Creator of the heavens and the earth. Who feeds all and is fed by none?” Say: “Nay! I am commanded to be the first of those who submit to Allah in Islam and not of those who commit shirk.”[14] Say: “I will never disobey my Lord, for I fear the torment of a Mighty Day.”[15] He who is delivered from the torment of that Day, has indeed received Allah’s Mercy; and this is a clear cut achievement.[16] If Allah afflicts you with any harm, none can relieve you other than Him; and if He blesses you with happiness, you should know that He has power over everything.[17] He is the Supreme Authority over His servants; and He is the Wise, the Aware.[18] 6: [11-18]

“Surely it is Allah Who causes the seed and the fruit-stone to split and sprout. He brings forth the living from the dead and the dead from the living. It is Allah, Who does all this; then why are you being misled?[95] He causes the daybreak from the dark. He makes the night for rest and makes the rising and setting of the sun and the  moon for you to determine times ( days, weeks, months and years), these are the arrangements of the Almighty, the All-Knowing.[96] He is the One Who has made the stars for you, so that you might find your way thereby in the darkness whether you are on the land or the sea. We have spelled out Our revelations very clearly for
people of common sense.[97] He is the One Who has created you from a single soul and granted you dwelling on Earth and a resting place in the hereafter. We have spelled out Our revelation very clearly for people of understanding.[98] It is He Who sends down rainwater from the sky and therewith produces vegetation of all kinds: He brings forth green crops producing grain piled up in the ear, palm-trees laden with clusters of dates hanging within reach, gardens of grapes, olives, and pomegranates; though their fruit resembles in kind yet is different in variety. Look at their fruits as they yield and ripen. Behold! In these things there are signs for true believers.[99] Yet they make the Jinns (Genies: creature which has been created out of fire) as the partners with Allah, whereas He is their Creator; and also ascribe to Him sons and daughters without having any knowledge. Glory to Him! He is highly exalted far above what they ascribe.[100] 6:[95-100]

“He is the creator of the heavens and the earth. How could He have a son when He has no consort? He has created everything and is aware of everything.[101] That is Allah your Lord! There is no god but Him, the creator of everything. Therefore, worship Him, He is the Guardian of everything.[102] No vision can grasp Him while He grasps all visions. He is the Subtle, the Aware.[103] Now there have come to you clear proofs from your Lord to open your eyes. Therefore, anyone who will open his eyes, it is good for his own soul and anyone who will play blind, it is to his own harm, and I am the Prophet, not assigned as a keeper over you.[104] Thus do We explain Our revelations over and over again so that the unbelievers may say: “You have learned from someone, but not from Allah” and that this may become clear to people of understanding.[105] Follow what is revealed to you from your Lord, there is no god
but Him and turn aside from the pagans.[106] If Allah wanted they would not be pagans. We have neither appointed you their keeper nor made you their guardian.[107] 6: [101-107]

“To the people of ‘Ad We sent their brother Hud. He said: “O my people! Worship Allah, you have no god but Him; otherwise you are just making things up.[50] O my people! I do not ask you any reward for my services; for none can reward me except my Creator. Will you not then use your common sense?[51] And O my people! Seek forgiveness of your Lord and turn to Him in repentance. He will send you from the sky abundant rain and He will add strength to your strength. So do not turn away like criminals.” [52] They said: “O Hud! You have given us no clear proof. We are neither going to desert our gods just on your word, nor we are going to believe in you.[53] We rather believe that perhaps some of our gods have afflicted you with evil.” He said: “Allah is my witness and let you also be my witness that I am done with your shirk of worshipping other deities besides Him.[54] So let all of you scheme against me if you will, and give me no respite.[55] I have put my trust in Allah, Who is my Lord and your Lord. There is no living creature (in the Earth) whose destiny is not controlled by Him. Indeed straight is the Way of my Lord.[56] Now, even if you turn away, I have at least conveyed the message with which I was sent to you. Since you have denied Him, my Lord will raise up some other people in your place, and you cannot harm Him in any way. Indeed my Lord is watching over everything.”[57] When Our judgement came to pass, We saved Hud and those who believed with him through a special grace from Us – We did save them from a horrifying scourge.[58]
Such were the people of ‘Ad. They denied the revelations of their Lord, disobeyed His Messenger, and followed the command of every stubborn oppressor. [59] They were followed by a curse in this world, and cursed they shall be on the Day of Resurrection. Beware! ‘Ad denied their Lord. Beware! Gone are ‘Ad, the people of  Hud.[60]

” When they came to Joseph, he asked his parents to lodge with himself, and said: “Now enter the city. Allah willing, you will live here in peace.”[99] After entering the city he helped his parents to seats on the throne, and they all fell down in prostration before him. “This,” said Joseph to his father, “is the interpretation of my dream which I dreamt long before. My Lord has really made it come true. It was His grace that He took me out of prison and brought you all here from the desert even though Satan had stirred up strife between me and my brothers. For sure my Lord fulfills His plan in mysterious ways. Surely He is the One Who is the Knowledgeable, the Wise.[100] O Lord! You have indeed given me a kingdom and taught me the interpretation of dreams. O, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, You are my Protector in this world and in the hereafter, make me die as a Muslim and admit me among the
righteous.”[101] O Muhammad, this story which We have revealed to you is a tale of  the unseen; for you were not there with (the brothers of Joseph) when they collectively conspired and schemed against him.[102] Yet strive as you may, most men are not going to become believers,[103] even though You do not demand any recompense for this information. This Qur’an is nothing but a reminder for all the people of the worlds.[104] 12:[99-104]



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